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November 13, 2008

The Importance of having friends

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Why do I write this posting in the title “The Importance of having friends”

Yeah I have many experiences with it. Below I will tell you one of my experiences which has relation with friendship.

As I told you in my previous posting, I have  known how to blog about a month. It is true.

When I have a spare time I try to open my blog. I want to have my blog become better and better. I don’t want to be called many  steps behind others.

How lucky I am!.  We have a good team. The team who always helps the teachers of SMAN 1 Pare to develop their ability in using and operating  computers.   The team also encourages the teachers to get in touch with blogging.

Because of the team, I tried to create my own blog.  I succeeded in creating my blog. The problem was coming when  I tried to fill my blog, but the team had to prepare the launching of our digital library and the dedication of our new biology laboratory.    To solve the problems, I asked my friend by chating with YM. How happy I was at that time, I could post my first posting because of my friend on YM.

To improve my ability in blogging, I always my friends and the team, of course. I also surf in the internet how to be good blogger.  Once, I found a good tutorial about blogging. I found it at  http://www.fatihsyuhud.com/tutorials. In this moslem blogger, I got a lot of information, not only about blogging but many other things. What I like this blog is this blog uses English. So, I can improve my ability in blogging and English as well.

It’s time to teach, I hope this posting can improve my English writing, and it will be useful for us. If there is any mistakes, I ask your apology. Thanks.


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