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November 12, 2008

My First English Posting

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Writing is not easy.

This is a fact that writing is not easy. When we use Bahasa Indonesia. We also have difficulties in writing. What make people have difficulties in writing is they are  lack of vocabularies.

Yeah,  Writing needs vocabularies. It seems easy to write, especially in bahasa Indonesia. But  if we are reluctant to practice it, We do not have good progess in writing ability.

Iman Imut

Iman Imut

I unintentionally   open ten the blog which uses English. They are good not only about the blog but also the material which are written in good English.

Here, I want to share my experience in learning English especially in Speaking.

I confess that my english is not good but it is not bad either. I still learn it to be good English learner.

In learning how to speak english, I  try speaking  english with my friends. If there is no friend to speak with.   I ask Mr. Mirror  to speak with me. He is a real Mirror which is able to reflect our shadow.  Practicing english with Mr. Mirror is enjoyable. I can enjoy it. He is never angry. He is very patient. But He can not say any thing although a single word!. He is only able to open his mouth and move his parts of his body. He only imitated what we did in front of him.  So, if I want to speak with him, I come and stand before him. Then I ask him. At the same time I answer the questions by myself.  I do it as if I had conversation with a foreigner.

It is only a sharing how to practice speaking. If you have different way, keep on learning English with your own way. But if you want to practice this one, it’s up to you.

Forgive me if it is not satisfied you. Bye


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